name Joshua Kang
en_name CEO & Co-Founder
education Seoul National University Bachelor of Economics
career Krust, CEO
ex. Dunamu, Board Member
ex. Kakao, CSO
ex. Naver, Search Engine Director
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spot CEO
story I received a lot of help from the Korean startup ecosystem along my career journey through Naver and Kakao, and I would like to pay it back by contributing to the development of the startup ecosystem through BASS Investment.


Entrepreneurship is like continuosly solving big and knarly problems. We would like to provide practical help for early startups living this era with the experience, competency, and network of the partners who have gone through the process of starting a business and solving challenging problems, as well as providing financial support along the journey of these entrepreneurs.


If domestic conglomerates were products of a specific stage of development in Korea, now we stand in the startup era. I hope that we can provide support along the process of solving the problems raised in our era in a creative way.


Moreover, our vision reaches beyond BASS Investment simply investing in the cohort of portfolio companies. We hope that successful teams that we meet in this process take the lead in the future as partners of BASS to contribute in building a virtuous cycle of providing long-term support for early stage startup ecosystem.

name Karl Shin
en_name CEO
education Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Management Science
career ex. BASS Investment, Investment Lead
ex. Daekyo Investment, Investment Team Lead
ex. Solbon Investment, Investment Team Lead
ex. Daewoo International, Global Sales
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spot CEO
story In modern society, companies have an impact on the world and people in some way. So, how do companies that make a big contribution to the world start among so many companies?

Of course, it is the founder who ignites the start. However, there is always an existence that helps and promotes their growth next to the founders and companies who have created great growth. I believe venture capitals exist to fulfill such tasks.

Just like a child going thorugh childhood to adulthood, startups grow along a life cycle. BASS Investment will be there from the very beginning when the startup builds something that hasn’t existed before (0 to 1), to eventually when they start shifting from something monolithic to a large tree – scaling up by spreading its branches (1 to 10).

Founders who enlights the beginning of startups can change the world. We will try our best to maximize the imapct of those changes.

name Daniel Shin
en_name Partner & Co-Founder
education University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School Bachelor of Science in Economics
career Chai Holdings, Founder & CEO
ex. Fast Track Asia, Co-founder & Board Member
ex. TMON, Founder & Chairman
ex. McKinsey & Company, Business Analyst
data 2
spot Partner
story Living as a serial entrepreneur for the past 12 years, I have had some very intense experiences in the startup field.

Luckily, I was able to gain first-hand expeirence of growing a firm in accordance with the cycle of an exponentially growing startup; starting from the establishment of the company to attracting investment, scaling-up and pursuing M&A, overseas expansion, and settlement of the organizational culture.

Based on this experience, I aspired to become an investor who can best understand the founder’s psychology and sincerely empathize with various ups & downs they will have to hassle through. There are many investors who can inject funds, but I believe there are very few VCs who can breathe in courage for founders when they are depressed and become a genuine thought partner when they stand at strategic crossroads.

The meaning of Bass Investment was born in the same vein. We aim to be bassists who can act as pace makers against the backdrop of the main vocalists on the stage to shine. BASS Investment will be there along the long winding and lonely journey of the early stage founders so they can shine the most on the stage.

BASS Investment
aspires to be the very first companion of early stage startups
and contribute to
their exponential growth.


All legendary companies also had their early days.

BASS Investment
will be there
for every single step of
early stage startups
from the very
beginning and
following journey.

Our Mission

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BASS Investment performs along with the founders, rather than simply acting as an audience.

We don't adopt the common spray & pray model that can easily lead to VCs neglecting startups. We try our best to move the slope of the startups' growth curve up even by a degree.

second card
BASS Investment provides tangible support for early stage startups.

Along with the founding partners who have achieved significant achievements in domestic and foreign start-ups such as Kakao, TMON, and Chai Corporation, we go beyond simple capital investment. We provide practical support for the growth of early start-ups through recruitment, technical consulting, and support for attracting follow-up investment.

third card
BASS Investment
strives for long-term partnership with early stage startups.

Legendary companies walk through long winding path to success. We become long lasting partner of early stage startups.